Why don’t Baptists do exorcisms?

“Why don’t Baptists do exorcisms, but some other denominations that aren’t Catholics do?” -Hunter

Great question! This has to do with spiritual warfare. This is a topic that many either ignore or exaggerate, but a topic that is real and really important.

Firstly, I think and I would say most baptists think demon possession (as presented in media, which is where most people get their idea of demon possession from) is a misrepresentation of how demons usually work. Therefore, exorcisms are not necessary in most cases of spiritual warfare. Secondly, exorcisms as seen in movies are misrepresentations of how exorcisms are in reality. They are not biblical examples. In the Bible, when someone is possessed by a demon, there are no chants and specific prayers to pray. There is no semblance of having to call the demon by name. There is no holy water or crucifixes. Biblical exorcisms are a lot easier. Here’s why, and the third reason. The worldly view of exorcisms incredibly misrepresents the overwhelming power of Jesus. Demons flee because of Jesus.

You see this in how Jesus performed exorcisms, and you see this from the Bible in the power that is given to us over demons and even Satan because we have Christ in us. In James it says “Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” That’s the power of Christ in you. Therefore, exorcisms as seen in movies, etc. are misrepresentations of the overwhelming power of Jesus over the enemy and are not consistent with the biblical example.

Spiritual warfare, in general, is a more prominent theme than exorcisms in the Bible. Ephesians 6 is the perfect biblical example of how to fight spiritual warfare – and we MUST fight.

I would say this, though: I think it is more dangerous to ignore spiritual warfare or to not believe it is real than to exaggerate the nature of spiritual warfare. The kingdom of darkness really is waging war against the kingdom of light. There really is a battle. We really are in the battle. We really must fight. But remember, Jesus really has won the victory.

Thanks for asking!